Titans Triangle Volod Krind

LocationTrident Reefs
AliasVolod Krind
Built21 Brightstar 8487 DE

In 8465 DE, thousands of years into the Creation War, several hundred stone giants under Hettar renounced allegiance to him and the Primordial cause. By force of arms and guile, they escaped a leader they viewed as too violent and wicked. Hunted by Hettar's forces, they were approached by Lukoon. This Covenant leader offered them safety in return for their help. The giants agreed as long as it was not help by offensive operations; they like many others were tired of the seemingly endless conflict. After joining the Nawirrûs Covenant, they were assigned with guarding the southern coasts of sector Phiyel. In the reefs south of present day Milithian they built the Volod Krind fortifications; better known today as Titans Triangle.

Titans Triangle is comprised of three great fortresses and many smaller towers and outposts built in the rocky outcropping, among the reefs, and across the dozens of small islands of the eastern Saber Coast. In the Creation War, they kept Poseidon's forces at bay and then in the Demon Spawn War kept the demon hordes from invading the coasts north of them. After the God Era, the stone giants of this area moved inland, leaving the relic of war behind. The designers and engineers behind the building of Volod Krind became known as the Grey Masons. They would go on to build the massive Gudgrid Dam and Iglutt's Second Wall.

Today, Titans Triangle serve as defenses for the sea lanes that cut through the Trident Reefs to Milithian. In the Black Tide War (1465 - 1504), they were instrumental in delaying Admiral Jairall's (of the Black Tide) attack on Milithian. In the Siege of Milithian, they kept Jairall's death fleet at bay for almost a year. Unable to take any of the Titan Triangle fortresses resulted in him portaging their ships past the fortresses from the northeastern shore where they captured a castle at great cost.

The fortifications of the Titans Triangle were built by the titans. This means they are huge in size with hallways and chambers tall enough to house them. The new owners of the place have turned some of these areas into double levels through added stonework and wood.

Beyond its great sea walls and into the Trident Reefs the Milithian defenses spread, with its most magnificent and formidable being three great fortresses called the Titans Triangle. They alone kept the dead captain Jairall at bay for nearly a year.

- Quick, from his book Cornerstone of the Empire - "Built by the Titans"

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