Class30th ranger / 18th Arcanist
RaceTalaxan (Archangel)
TitleCovenant General
Alignmentlawful good
Born24 Temporal 1609 DE
Died1 War March 2660 DE

Takarrûs, a second generation Talaxan was of good heart, charismatic and forthright. He rose quickly in the ranks of the Nawirrûs Covenant. He battled the primordials in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE) as a field general, fighting alongside his soldiers. Considered by many to be the first true holy hero, he established the concept of angelic ranks. It began as a classification system, then a path of gaining powers and prestige with each rank, a reward system for those dedicated to the cause.

In 2660 DE, Takarrûs led an army against a primordial base on Dol Vahdin. The Covenant was taking the fight to the primordial's rear areas, places that had never before been attacked. It was a dangerous mission, but if successful, would make their foes use resources in protecting these very important rear areas. Even Takarrûs considered it a suicide mission. In his diary, he stated something needed to be done to boost morale. To be prepare for his possible end, Takarrûs performed the Ritual of Noble Sacrifice. It meant that if he died in battle, all his energy would be expended in a glorious explosion.

Takarrûs's military objective was the great primordial depot of Saelmgar. Built by those serving Coeus, Saelmgar was a series of complexes spread across mountains. It was an armaments factory in the war to turn back Creation. Takarrûs died on the seventh day of the Siege of Saelmgar. His death triggered the Ritual of Noble Sacrifice, a powerful explosion of holy energy that ripped a section of Saelmgar away. This piece of landscape, known today as Mughakh-Gol, was sucked through a rift, taken to the faraway world of Bal-Kriav. Takarrûs's end also created the Shards of Takarrûs. Said to be his blood given form, they rained down on Bal-Kriav's plains of Âruk, forever bathing the area in a red glow.

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