Battle of the Eldritch Lords

Period7700 DE
Sarseg VS Arcana

The Battle of the Eldritch Lords was one of hundreds of battles that made up the Creation War. Over a three day period in 7700 DE, the primordial Sarseg and the archangel Arcana battled at the head of the Endless Wall. Sarseg was their on orders of the Master of Tides, seeking to bring the wall's expansion to an end. The two very powerful arcanists and their armies fought to a stalemate. Arcana sent a message to Sarseg challenging him one on one. The leaders squared off in the middle of the battlefield and unreleased a fury of magic upon each other, but neither could breach the other' defenses. Sarseg then surrounded himself with a sphere of black crackling energy and rolled towards his adversary. Arcana, did the same, but instead of negative energy, she entered a silver and fiery ball composed of positive energy with the hope of canceling out Sarseg's energy field. This did not go as planned, because the two spheres of opposing energy exploded on impact. Most of each side's army were obliterated in the explosion. The several hundred of each side that survived were fused with the blood and magical energy of the opposing factions giving birth to a truly neutral race - the Rilmani. Both Sarseg and Arcana died in the blast, but this was only temporary for each had prepared a safe place for their spirit to re-enter an awaiting clone.

Another result of the battle's explosion was the creation of hundreds of xag-ya and xeg-yi. These creatures attacked anything that moved in the area, forcing the rilmani to play dead or move out of the area as quickly as possible. When the xag-ya and xeg-yi came near each other, they were like magnets, colliding with mini-explosions similar to what happened between Sarseg and Arcana.