Ownerindependent city-state
FoundedGod Era

The dromites of this city are a very old people, claiming to be the first dromite race of Ghífthauk. The city's archives have historical records going as far back as the God Era.

When Ghífthauk was invaded by the Suellk. The people of Svirlido shuttered the city and sunk it deep into the Underdark. About 200 years after the Incarsabec Rebellion, they raised their city back to the surface. They plundered the ruins of the githyanki and githzerai and salvaged the rotting hulks of Suellk voidships. They also discovered some still working Silver Mirrors, the same type of mirrors that the githzerai and githyanki used to flee into the Astral Sea. The Svirlido tested the mirrors, leading to the complete disappearance of many testers, but after a couple years they figured out how they worked. They used the Silver Mirrors, along with Suellk astrogation maps to plot teleporation points to planets of Asteraoth. In this way, they ended up establishing relations with the Deep Six, Giff League, and other peoples.