There are many sprite subtypes ranging in size from half a foot to two feet tall. One thing in common for all of them is their wings, they are usually gossamer and only half of what keeps them aloft. The other half is their internal arcane energy. This source of magic gives them levitation when they so desire and gives them other innate magical powers if their intellect permits. They were designed to be scouts by the primordials, small, fast, and with spells designed to trick and befuddle their enemies.

Sprites are known pranksters. This trait is said to be product of Chaos. They were created on the one of the worlds of Piranoths Steps, before it was overrun in the Abyssal Release. Many sprites got out before the demons took over what was becoming known as the Abyss. Those that did not, became demon sprites or some other lesser demon form.

Sprite's eyes are nothing like the eyes of most humanoids, which are like orbs within orbs, usually of varying colors. Created by a power of Chaos, sprite eyes don’t follow a clear pattern, instead are like the randomness of a piece of straited marble.

Racial Traits
Racial as sprite
Height 6" - 24"
Eyes marble-like, any color
Energy Composition
TypeAverage %
Life Energy60%
Entropic Energy20%
Arcane Energy15%