Aša Okil

RegionTroll Bogs
Built15 Witchrite 1692 DE

Aša Okil is a relic of the Creation War. It was built on the southern coasts of a bay then called Nôchulûn. Like the other Covenant strongholds of the area, Aša Okil went on to serve as a bulwark against primordial forces spilling out of the Radullu Rift. It was port citadel that handled commerce and transport of military materials across the bay. The aforementioned rift would end up filling in the harbor with muck and turning the bay into an inland sea (c.f Bog Sea).

It is a southward flow of matter and liquid from a world incomprehensibly distant from our own. A world so distant that Chaos's stewards created a rift to speed-up their invasion plans. Eventually, the first angelic covenant learned of this rift. They carried out an operation on the faraway world, leading to the flooding of the rift opening on Throndar.

Even today, thousands of years after these happenings, water and silt from that faraway world continue to pour into our own.

You may wonder what keeps the water table in equilibrium. This was fixed by Silvanus. He had a return rift built somewhere in the Troll Bogs, hidden by divine magic and warded with magic to make anything less than the divine forget they ever saw it.

- Boglin, regional report at a Glade Summit - "Radullu Creep"

Eventually, the rift and its Radullu Creep, turned former Covenant ports like Aša Abrai, Aša Ukhan, and Aša Okil into half-buried, flooded bastions. Of the three, only Aša Okil kept a civilization about them. The people that remained here after the Angelic Departure (9494 GE - 9500 GE) are the Šoraikelêz. These Graagvrii kept their society intact, shunned outsiders, with many believing they were carrying out the will of the angels and gods they once served in the Creation War and then in the Demon Spawn War.

Aša Okil has went through periods of fanaticism where they would carry out crusades against the lands around them. The general belief was that the people around them were impure - tainted by the lingering effects of Chaos from the Creation War or the abyssal energy leftover from the Demon Spawn War. The Church of Giracian has been behind all of these cleansing crusades.

These days, Aša Okil is peaceful. They have opened their ports to the Norderns; yet history has shown that an Aša Okil Crusade can often come about very quickly and with terrible consequences to the peoples around them.

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