CategoryHigher Powers
PowerSphere Creationist
RaceSpecies 32
Alignmentlawful neutral
Symbolrough humanoid shape
Born6 Lunar 720 DE
Died16 Brightstar 1511 DE

In the Dawn Era, Benevolence was one of the Creationists responsible for building the worlds of the Mortal Systems. In 1315 DE, he created the Theegan race. In the Creation War, these mortals were to serve as garrison armies for worlds of the Asteraoth System.

One of Benevolence's most well-known worlds, created from the energies of Chaos, is Sphere 411. Made in 1451 DE, it would become better known as the world Bal-Kriav. A few years after this world was created, a primordial named Geb was born between what is today the sky-island Gurnskolf and the deep canyon below it, Basskaff . This was considered a primordial contamination. The world's creator sensed the disturbance, yet out of goodness of his heart, ignored it. Benevolence would come to regret this decision, for in the Creation War the Nawirrûs Covenant had to deal with Geb siding with his primordial brothers.

In 1482 DE, Benevolence created another human sub-race, the Nithians. They were created in his image, yet fearing that they might be wiped out by the primordials, he stashed them away under temporal stasis. Sequestered in the Vaults of Ayaraigas, they would not come out for thousands of years later (c.f. 2510 LE).

In 1498 DE, Benevolence added another humanoid race to the world Osâchar. These were the Sussgurd, another mortal race created to gird a world in the Creation War.

In 1510 DE, Benevolence willed into existence a massive structure called the Scion Steps. This structure is nine rings of palaces and fortifications surrounding an entire mountain of Lok Gevild. He built this unfathomably large edifice as a gift for his wife Kesserine. Each of the nine rings of the Scion Steps were named after one of their children. When Kesserine revealed herself as the primordial Kirograne, husband and wife went to battle. This conflict erupted across the Scion Steps, yet it was over in but a day. When Benevolence slew his ex-wife, he suffered such grief that the Dead God Fountain came into existence. His sadness did not end that day, for a year to a day after the death of his wife, he too died. Upon his death, his body turned to stone and floated skyward, becoming the Clouds of the Dead God.