Spark of Creation

Typelife energy

Sparks of Creation are invisible motes of life energy. Even those able to see the invisible cannot see them without the aid of powerful magic. Creationists on the other hand, can easily spot them as something distinct from the particles of energy around them. For them, Sparks of Creation are one of the tools of their trade, required for creating new lifeforms on multiplying the number of those already present.

On 19 Witchrite 3288 DE, Silvanus used a Spark of Creation and Warp Matter in creation of the first Treant. Beginning as a normal tree, it was given sentience, mobility, camouflage, becoming the first of a vast network of intelligence gathers.

In the Demon Spawn War, Ingu'lumin found a Spark of Creation. It is assumed that he found one by chance or that his unusually high intellect found a means to acquire one. Ingu'lumin gave it to his master Yeenoghu, who in turned used it to create a race of humanoids similar to him - the gnolls.