Golruwyrm, young adult
RegionAerie of Dragons
RaceBrass Dragon (Legendary)
Alignmentchaotic good
BirthplaceGreat Forges
Born3 War March 241 DE
Died11 War March 4500 DE

Golruwyrm was the first child and daughter of Bruh Kreniik. She was the first of the brass dragon sub-types. In the Dawn Era, Bruh Kreniik tasked her with laying eggs across the habitable worlds that he created. All the brass dragons of the realm Bal-Kriav are her descendants.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), Golruwyrm met her end battling the primordial armies under the primordial lords Buldapulax and Kurrolath. Their area of conflict spanned the east central regions of Brucrumus, leaving an indelible mark on Drenvun and the Sands of Hell. In Golruwyrm's last battle, those that she did not kill, were blasted into nothingness upon her death. Her dying breath became a storm of blistering sand that if it did not burn you to death, ripped your flesh off and then reduced your bones to dust. Her death also created the landmark Diiv Prok, a cliff face hundreds of miles long, resembling the back of a towering dragon. No doubt the work of Creation, a Plaque of Aphalur ascribes this as a memorial for Bruh Kreniik's fallen daughter.

Besides her dangerous breath, Golruwyrm was also noted for having a tail that was even more deadly than her bite. This tail was said to have severed the heads of innumerable foes. When Golruwyrm fell in her last battle against the primordials, her most deadly tail part broke off as she merged with the landscape. This caused avalanches and earthquakes for leagues in all directions. The primordials say they could never recover the trophy tail - or so goes a passage from the Hirstyr Signir. In the Lith-Crillion Era, Golruwyrm's tail was found. One eldritch tome has passages that talk of Lith-Crillion rangers with brass-colored blades that could sever the head of a giant like a Cairn Scythe reaping souls. In 1115 LE, the eldritch giants of Gulfrek Hjard entered the Pyramid of Life. They made off with Lith-Crillion technology, including daggers and swords with blades forged of a piece of Golruwyrm's tail.