Bingatho Orb 400

AliasOrb 400
Formed15 Lunar 1401 DE

Bingatho is one of the moons orbiting Marragh. It is a small habitable world, being only 1/20th the size of its parent. Bingatho is covered in jungles. It is a rainy, stormy place dotted with massive swamps and lakes and some few ridges and hilly ranges. Some of the more common things to encounter here are hydras, basilisk, displacer beasts, leucrotta, and similar terrors. The world is devoid of humanoid lifeforms, except possibly adventurers or those marooned here.

At the core of this moon is a trapped Creationist. This being is who the moon is named after. Bingatho was a Tier 1 Creationist that worked with the same purpose of Bruh Kreniik and others on the side of Law. They drew entropic energy from Chaos and used it to create worlds and everything that goes in them. While Bingatho, a Tier 2 Creationist, was creating Marragh's moon Githo, he was struck by psychic energy from within one of his conduits of creation. The psionic blast was so powerful that it made Bingatho lose his wits. Instead of making Githo diverse, he turned the entire moon into iron. On investigation, Bruh Kreniik and Danzar-Khâl found Bingatho to be insane and growing ever more chaotic. Bingatho followed the dictates of the Creationist Board of Inquiry and accepted imprisonment until a cure could be found for his mind and chaotic taint. Danzar-Khâl and Bruh Kreniik worked in concert building a moon, his prison, around Bingatho. They never found a cure but his chaotic taint did stop progressing once the moon bound him to its core. The mind blast that brain scrambled Bingatho came from a powerful psionic primordial named Nakh-Zennîm. Like other primordials, this being was intent on unmaking works of creation and returning it all to Chaos.

In the Creation War, the Anaz Rift, a bridge between the moon Bingatho and the world Bal-Kriav, was opened by a Primordial Lord named Beldileck. He did not use the rift as his skills were more suited for research and tinkering. It was instead used by Bryakus to invade Bal-Kriav from the area of Felbarum.

The imprisoned Creationist is still alive at the moon's core. Bingatho no longer has the powers of a Tier 1 Creationist, his powers having naturally degraded to that of a Tier 4 Creationist. The Anaz Rift gave him an avenue of spreading his creations to the world Bal-Kriav affecting areas like Goldarah and Turuk.

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