Built19 Temporal 7501 DE

Felân-Akthûl are towering structures shaped to resemble the heads of Danzar-Khâl's three sons. They were built on the northern coasts of Gatheghu, during the Creation War, as a defense against the extreme cold emanating from the otherworldly area Perge'khas. In this war, northern Gorejun was the front line of a great conflict between the armies of Danzar-Khâl and those of the primordial Cari'phis. The Felân-Akthûl were built to funnel the forces of the primordials and to contain the damaging cold coming out of Perge'khas's un-melting black ice.

The Felân-Akthûl function by drawing in ocean water and converting it into lava. This magical process is permanent and warded by arcane might that only the Higher Powers know how to wield without having themselves pulled into the Web by a pack of weave spider. Once the water becomes lava, it spills forth from the mouth of each Danzar-Khâl Jetty, then flows south through the Flaming Belt. These three lava rivulets form the head of the great lava river Lyrmadis.

The power source for turning water into lava is a Spheres of Arcane. This device is hidden in the Felân-Akthûl behind a series of vaults and constantly moved about along a maze of tunnels by hammer golems and a dwarven order formed solely for keeping the Felân-Akthûl running.

The spell for converting lava to water was invented by Danzar-Khâl. In the Lith-Crillion Era, raiders broke into the substructure of the Felân-Akthûl and made off with tomes detailing Danzar-Khâl's conversion magic. These tomes ended up in the hands of the Šukhan. After a few years of study, the most experienced arcanists of this crack unit figured out how to decipher Danzar-Khâl's encoded script. In the bowels of Geledh, the Šukhan used Danzar-Khâl's magic to turn lava to water, like what is done at Felân-Dûl, but on a much smaller scale.