Mark of Talos

Birth of Talos
RegionBadmaer, Ice Cap
Created22 Bliss 8301 DE

The Mark of Talos is a vast crevasse that begins in Badmaer and ends many Underdark regions beneath. This unusual area was created in the Dawn Era with the birth of a primordial storm giant named Talos. He was primordial blessed on an altar of gloomstar and then barraged for twenty days by lightning storm. The continuity of this lightning storm came from 26 primordial minions having the powers of a arcane hierophant. The lightning pulverized the ice and stone of the surface and then took on a life of its own as Talos grew from a baby to a over-sized adult storm giant. As he grew, the living lightning storm around him carved out a canyon with the altar buoyed aloft by continuous stream of electricity. As he grew over twenty days, the storm continued to burn and disintegrate a path downward. As it plunged further and further into the deeps, energy from the storm was absorbed by Talos leading to the narrowing of the canyon and then many smaller crevasses leading even deeper in into the Underdark. On the last day, the living lightning storm was absorbed by Talos giving him his awesome lightning powers. During the storm, Talos was fused with the altar of gloomstar. Some theologians says that Talos's great regenerative power is because of the gloomstar fused into his bones.

The Mark of Talos ranges from one mile to four miles in width at the top, but as it goes down it narrows to shelves of stone several hundred feet in thickness. On each of these shelves are a number of smaller crevasses that continue into the deep regions of the Underdark. By way of the surface, a huge flying creature could descend downward through three Underdark regions. The Mark of Talos is 28 miles long at its top, narrowing to a crack of several inches width at twenty miles down.

The entirety of the canyon and all the smaller ones beneath are a Focus for Lightning. This makes all electrical spells 25% stronger and their DC increased by 4.