Graer Breach

Period7 War March 2002 DE

In the Creation War, a primordial commander named Surtur used his command of what came to be known as the Great Vein of Surtur, to create volcanoes. In sector Athoreon he created a ring of volcanoes that Covenant forces called Surturs Kettles. These were the volcanoes Graer, Gistborri, Kjar Eysa, and Atar Eysa. Either by mistake, or perhaps to undermine Poseidon, Surtur created Graer in a spot where it was pounded by ocean waves.

On 7 War March 2002 DE, the Graer volcano was breached. Huge waves controlled by Covenant magic and years of picking away the mountain's face, gave way. The Pearl Sea flooded into the volcano, submerging the Graer Rift, and making three of Surturs Kettles go cold. They became dead volcanoes, cut off the lava flows that once charged them. This left them very exposed to Covenant attacks and practically cut-off from supply. As a result, primordial forces under Surtur were forced to abandon the area.

Another byproduct of this event was the formation of Lake Nedullu. The ocean waters that submerged parts of Enjof flowed far, filling a large depression on the surface, where today this lake rises with the tides.