Kernsking Koils Vine Roads, Geb's Innards

AliasesVine Roads, Geb's Innards
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Created14 Artifice 1455 DE

Long before man and beast, a god was born here. He was given life with the raw energies of Chaos, his body forged of earth, rock, iron, silver and other metals. When Geb was born, the earth was torn apart, leaving Gindinâth, Izen'nâth, and the Kernsking Koils.

- Thraedli Legend, "Creation of Geb"

The Kernsking Koils are vines of many sizes, some as thick as a tower. They glow with a faint green aura of many different hues. They pulsate stronger as the dawn approaches. The vines are said to be the remains of whatever gave life to Geb, or so the legend goes.

The Kernsking Koils are named for the Kernsking mountains which they were part of before Geb's birth, and a vine called koil. Because of what happened here (the birth of Geb), the deep gnomes of Mulun-Dûna, and others that worship Geb, view the Kernsking Koils as holy pilgrimage site.

The Kernsking Koils is like a forest, dense with leaves and vines. They grow down from the underside of Gindinâth, all the way into the tops of the lower Kernsking mountains.

The giants of Gindinâth have long used the Kernsking Koils as way to come down from their cloud domain. Once on the surface, they raided the lands around them, and bringing others under their yoke. After decades of death and broken bodies from falls, including the loss of one of their kings, the raiders decided to build a road along the largest koil. This vine road is called the Hloding. It is maintained by a guild of cloud giants headquartered in Griddrir.

Intermixed among this forest of vines are thousands of earth mote. Some of these floating landmasses are very large, holding keeps and the lairs of flying beasts. In the Lith-Crillion Era, before the founding of Griddrir, there roosted a chaos roc in the Merdatar earth mote. The creature caused such havoc that it was eventually driven away by the giants of Fjorunn-Irnskar. This party of storm and cloud giants lost thirty of their number battling the Harbinger of Chaos. This chaos roc, said to be the first of its kind, was driven away and believed to have died from its wounds, or so the old giant legend claims.

The Kernsking Koils link all of the earth motes of the area. Nobody has ever tried to separate one from the tangle of its koils. Doing so, would be a sacrilege to the followers of Geb. One of the earth motes in the area is a temple dedicated to Geb. This place is called Fûshmênd. The motley group of Geb followers in this place guard the sanctity of the area and make sure nobody attempts to sever an earth mote from the koils.

Aye, long before these skyships, the mighty giants of Gurnskolf used this forest of vines as a road of conquest. Down these vine roads, on to the land below! They took their tribute, raided and despoiled the lowlanders as their right, as superior by design. They built us giants to lead the weaker and protect them. At its peak, Aslauthroa controlled all of what the Khazarkar Empire controls today, and even more, descending under the surface into the dark reaches of Faeglor! Now we have only Gurnskolf and the Titan Empires, reduced to passages in old books.

- Bora-Fjol to Otroki, from the Godspawn Saga

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