RegionIzagunbar, Enjof
Built13 Dreamer 1990 DE

Gistborri is part of a ring of volcanoes that in the Creation War, served as primordial outposts. Collectively called Surturs Kettles, on each cone's blackened slopes, or inside near rumbling lava tubes, fiery minions under Surtur built military complexes. Supplying and garrisoning these far-flung outposts, each a hundred or miles from each other, was always a problem. Overland treks were perilous, as Athoreon was largely under enemy control. The other way of supplying and garrisoning these places was Surturs Artery. The journey along this lava flows and its many rivulets, had its own dangers.

A sudden change in pressure, a cave-in, natural or magically induced, or a wall of force dropped into a lava canal can have disastrous consequences for a container barge and its delicate goods. A troop ship swamped by lava can be real bad. Fiery ones can handle the heat, but what of those who are not? Not all can swim, and even if the area is shallow to wade, the currents can be strong, and all the while your body hammered with hunks of rock.

- Surtur , excerpt from a lava stone rune tablet, addressed to Thjorygg - "Lava Flow Supply Lines"

On 7 War March 2002 DE, the Graer volcano was breached. Covenant undermining pierced the mountain's side facing the Pearl Sea. This flooded the volcano, submerged the Graer Rift, and put three of volcanoes out of action. Gistborri was one of those that became a dead volcano. Passages and elevators, descending deep underground, most leading to a vein of Surturs Artery, once a lifeline, became submerged in sea water. Not long after the Graer Breach, Surtur's moved on. He was helped in this evacuation by a storm titan named Thjorygg. Like Surtur, Thjorygg is often blamed for the poor showing of primordial might in upper Athoreon.

Today, the ancient complexes of Gistborri, built large for the great size of fire giants and other primordial minions are overrun with beasts and monsters. Some are unreachable from the outside, hidden behind miles of fallen rock. Expeditions into this area have returned with ornate weapons and armor of styles that are often considered gaudy or too wicked with their spikes and blades, to be practical.