CategoryHigher Powers
WorldMungoth (Gehenna)
Alignmentneutral evil
Symbolbloody pick-axe
DomainDarkness, Earth, Trickery
Born29 Temporal 2955 DE
Godhood10 Bloom 1655 LE

In the Demon Spawn War, Abbathor served as a mortal general under then archangel Naraz-Nâru. He was one of Naraz-Nâru's best generals, and could have replaced him after he ascended to godhood if not for Abbathor's growing avarice. As time went on, Abbathor's war caches and the safety of them became more important to him than offensive operations against the demons. His demotion in rank several times only made him more greedy and protective until he finally resigned from the Quara'tun Covenant. As time went on, Abbathor turned from direct assault tactics to subterfuge and stealth. He also came to prefer dark and shadowy places to areas of the surface. These changes in his thinking led to him taking on domains favored by rogues and those of the Underdark. Devout worshipers of him acquire minor enhancements to their stealth and a 5% bonus to distributions of loot, pay for work, and any other aspect of making money.

In the great war against the demons, Abbathor led the Mîmêk Army against a number of demon held positions, with the most documented to date being the siege of Tyelmantar.

Abbathor also oversaw engineering operations, like undermining. On 23 Dreamer 9274 GE, after undermining the sunken canyon Ratanur Trap, his engineers planted a null mine that ripped a hole in the The Weave, creating the counter rift Fihrgrell Drain.

Abbathor's home world is Mungoth of the Gehenna system.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
Known Powers
Deep Walker in the Underdark, move through earth and stone as an Xorn
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks