Hirstyr Signir

Hirstyr Signir
LocationStep of Foundation
Built5 Saunas 4 DE

Hirstyr Signir is a monument at the heart of the Step of Foundation. It holds the historical record of the building of Piranoths Steps along with passages about other primordials and the history of the Creation War from the primordial's perspective. The primordial Piranoth started the monument and then as his time was taken up building Piranoths Steps, he assigned the task to his most trusted scribes. Another group was formed to serve as purveyors of historical record. The pool of applicants was limited to the elusive, cunning, and agile. Oftentimes, they had to record the events they saw while hovering over a battlefield, or sneaking into the lands of the enemy. Whatever historical records were brought back by these purveyors had to get Piranoth's approval before they were burned into the monument. Piranoth began recording history onto the Hirstyr Signir around 4 DE and it ended in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE) when the primordials were driven from what was now being called the Abyss.

Hirstyr Signir is comprised of thousands of tablet-pedestals and columns. Some of these suffered the ravages of the demons before a sensible one came along and realized the potential value of the place. The history on Hirstyr Signir is not sequential, and not in any uniform writing style. A passage can begin on one column and end on another. It is a chaotic mess of writing that requires pain-staking time to make out what someone was recording, and even then the transcriber might have to fill-in the blanks or make assumptions. The historical passages of Hirstyr Signir are not weathered with time and can only become undecipherable if they are broken up into many pieces and ground into dust. Very few areas have suffered this end, with those that have because someone did not want a bit of history to be so publicly available.

The area of Hirstyr Signir is very large, covering two hills and going a mile into a forest. Since this area is on an inner world of the Abyss, getting there is no small feat. The world isn't accessible without unlocking four magical wards, and then having someone keep them unlocked for ever how long they plan on staying on the Step of Foundation. As a result, most of the history that has come out of Hirstyr Signir has been that transcribed by demon savants.