Bal-Kriav on the roof of Irrai
CategoryHigher Powers
PowerTier 3 Creationist
Class18th ranger / 10th Justicar / 10th Psion / 10th Elocater
RaceSpecies 32
Alignmentlawful neutral
Born6 Lunar 720 DE
Died13 Kindle 5002 DE

Bal-Kriav was one of those designated Species 32, that outlasted the other models. As such, Bruh Kreniik, a Master of Creation, gave him the powers of a Tier 3 Creationist. This meant he was to stock worlds with intelligent lifeforms and lesser things like plant-life and insects. In 1088 DE, in his image, he created the Tungesti race. They were made to guard the world Kriav.

In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), he was a great general, proving his worth through brilliant tactics and stratagems, and said to have had a charisma that has never been matched.

Against seemingly impossible odds, when in your deepest despair, dragged down by past failures and retreating hope, there is no one but Bal-Kriav who better rallied a unit, lifted the spirits of a besieged population, or motivated others to push through obstacles and setbacks. He would often end his awe-inspiring speech with motivational words that are today used across the lands from primitive cave scrawling to runes on obelisks and statues scattered across the spheres of Quara'tun.

- Athena, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Eulogy to Bal-Kriav"

Bal-Kriav ultimately became the Supreme Commander of the Nawirrûs Covenant. In the Creation War, an angelic war against the primordials, one of his charges was Void sector Quara'tun. The front-lines of this sector spanning an entire system of planets and stars was a newly created world (c.f 1451 DE) called Sphere 411. Bal-Kriav and an army of angels defended this world from the primordials and their seemingly endless hordes.

In the 14th Battle of Regadnîn, on the Irrai ramparts, Bal-Kriav went toe-to-toe with a mighty primordial named Nakh-Zennîm. Bal-Kriav out of foolhardiness, or perhaps to inspire his troops with a heroic battle, faced the primordial alone and fought a battle that brought a pause in the fighting. Bal-Kriav proved to be no match for Nakh-Zennîm, and was killed. His death did inspire his angels, and they succeeded in driving the primordials armies back into Regadnîn. A month after this battle, the Golden Seven successfully petitioned the Nawirrûs Cartography Board, getting Sphere 411 renamed to Bal-Kriav.

Bal-Kriav was a noble and forgiving god. As a result, some of the primordials and their minions that were captured ended up in prisons (c.f. Order 9119). Angels like Ares offered to do the dirty work that Bal-Kriav could not, namely dispatching the captives so that they would not be a future threat. Bal-Kriav refused these offers, and instead had them imprisoned in remote locations of the world. Denerra was shaped by the gods to serve as a prison for many of the primordial captives.

As Creationists, Bal-Kriav, Corellon and several others created a system that would serve as the first home for mortals. On the world Kriav, they forged a Cube of Arcane. When this Cube collapsed, the entire world and everything in it was altered. The creators saw this alteration as a reflection of Chaos, so they abandoned the system with the hope that the primordials would tear it apart and return it to Chaos.