Bal-Kriav on the roof of Irrai
CategoryHigher Powers
PowerTier 3 Creationist
RaceSpecies 32 (Tungesti)
Alignmentlawful neutral
Symbolcloud of debris forming a sphere
Born17 Brightstar 721 DE
Died13 Kindle 5002 DE

Bal-Kriav was one of Species 32 that outlasted the other types. As such, Bruh Kreniik gave him the powers of a Tier 3 Creationist. This meant he was to stock worlds with intelligent lifeforms and lesser things like plant-life and insects.

In 1088 DE, in his image, he created the Tungesti. They were made to guard the newly minted world Kriav.

In the Dawn War, he was made a god general proving his worth through brilliant tactics and stratagems and said to have had a charisma that has never been matched.

Against seemingly impossible odds, when in your deepest despair, dragged down by past failures and retreating hope, there is no one but Bal-Kriav who better rallied a unit, lifted the spirits of a besieged population, or motivated others to push through obstacles and setbacks. He would often end his awe-inspiring speech with motivational words that are today used across the lands from primitive cave scrawling to runes on obelisks and statues scattered across the spheres of Quara'tun.

- Athena, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Eulogy to Bal-Kriav"

Bal-Kriav ultimately became the Supreme Commander of the Nawirrûs Covenant. In the Dawn War, an angelic war against the primordials, one of his charges was Void sector Quara'tun. The front-lines of this sector spanning an entire system of planets and stars was a newly created world (c.f 1451 DE) called Sphere 411. Bal-Kriav and an army of angels defended this world from the primordials and their seemingly endless hordes.

In the 14th Battle of Regadnîn, on the Irrai ramparts, Bal-Kriav went toe-to-toe with a mighty primordial named Nakh-Zennîm. Bal-Kriav out of foolhardiness, or perhaps to inspire his troops with a heroic battle, faced the primordial alone and fought a battle that brought a pause in the fighting. Bal-Kriav proved to be no match for Nakh-Zennîm, and was killed. His death did inspire his angels, and they succeeded in driving the primordials armies back into Regadnîn. A month after this battle, the Golden Seven successfully petitioned the Nawirrûs Cartography Board, getting Sphere 411 renamed to Bal-Kriav.

Bal-Kriav was a noble and forgiving god. As a result, some of the primordials and their minions that were captured ended up in prisons (c.f. Order 9119). Angels like Ares offered to do the dirty work that Bal-Kriav could not, namely dispatching the captives so that they would not be a future threat. Bal-Kriav refused these offers, and instead had them imprisoned in remote locations of the world. Denerra was shaped by the gods to serve as a prison for many of the primordial captives.

As Creationists, Bal-Kriav, Corellon and several others created a system that would serve as the first home for mortals. On the world Kriav, they forged a Cube of Arcane. When this Cube collapsed, the entire world and everything in it was altered. The creators saw this alteration as a reflection of Chaos, so they abandoned the system with the hope that the primordials would tear it apart and return it to Chaos. Unfortunately, the primordials never assaulted Kriav or the Feywild, so it remained.