Regadnîn, battlefield of the Creation War
MapRegadnîn Wasteland

Regadnîn is a very dangerous part of the realm. In the Dawn Era, primordials and their chaos archons battled Covenant angels, holy archons, mortals, and Creationists, for the very existence of worlds. There were fourteen battles named for Regadnîn. All this was because in this particular area, the Web of Magic was weak, easier to penetrate. The Web is what protects a world from rifts. The area's weakness had been here from the time of Sphere 411's creation. The primordials used null mines or other rift creating devices and abilities, creating bridges between Chaos and this world. By the 14th Battle of Regadnîn, the repeated attacks on the Web had so damaged it that across Regadnîn, simple spells like teleportation and dimensional hops were heightened. Teleporations, akin to a short-lived mini-rift, would often work as mass teleports, with entire units finding themselves in the midst of their enemies or behind them, and dimensional hops would last minutes with champions appearing and reappearing at different locations, capable of wrecking havoc on opposed forces. Even today, use of teleportation-like spells are unpredictable in this area.

Regadnîn is littered with the wreckage of fourteen great battles. Strewn across an eerie wasteland, some are enormous in size. In the Creation War there were monstrosities of unimaginable size requiring countermeasure equally imposing, massive bulwarks hundreds of feet high, colossal siege equipment and fortifications so large and thick that you would think they faced an army of titans mounted on dinosaurs. Some of the more notable of these bastions ring the wasteland, Irrai and Machâr to name a few.

Regadnîn is still patrolled by the remnants of the Creation War, deadly constructs and living spells thousands of years old. The most dangerous are anaxims.

Unlike most abominations, anaxims are born not out of lust, but piece by labored piece from mechanical designs inspired by apocalyptic impulses. Anaxims are constructs that were not purged as they should have been, and so gained a pseudo-life of their own.[1]

The area's living spells have very high level effects; enough to kill most mortals. The land is also home to colossal omnimentals, ragewalkers, and terrors very rare in other lands.

In addition to being a wasteland, Regadnîn is a desert by location. It is surrounded on three sides by the towering peaks of the Elephant Backbone. Mountains so high they block the clouds, moisture, and winds from entering anywhere but through the passes. This lack of wind, coupled with area's course heavy sand, makes sand storms a rare beauty.

At the heart of the desert is Piranoth Cyst. This enormous sink-hole is five miles across, plunging a mile down. It was one of the most used invasion routes for primordial invaders.

The other remarkable feature of Regadnîn is Dališar. It shaped like a volcano, glowing with a blue-white fire. It was a Covenant weapon and forge. When it erupts, it spews blue-white lava, electrically charged clouds of smoke, and debris that impacts with sonic blasts.

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