G a b i n   K û n

Gabin Kûn
Typeabomination giant (Primordial)
Died9 Temporal 8635 DE

Gabin Kûn is one of the progeny of Piranoth. As a result of his ill-temper, hideous appearance, vindictiveness, and depravity, Piranoth sent Gabin Kûn into the deeper reaches of Piranoths Steps. On the world Thanatos, Gabin Kûn was tasked with building a great forge for what his father said would supply the primordial armies in a a great war to come. Thus, Gabin Kûn and his psychopath minions went to work on a great forge area that they called Naratyr. In the Creation War, the forges of Naratyr produced countless weapons and armor for the chaos archon and giant armies under Geb, Surtur, Hettar and others allied with Piranoth.

Gabin Kûn followed in his father's footsteps by producing many progeny. Gabin Kûn is said to have had a harem of thousands. Many of those he fathered were abominations. They pulsed with life, devoid of feeling, motionless and seemingly in a catatonic state. And like his father, Gabin Kûn forbade infanticide in the lands under his yoke, so these sons and daughters, and sexless ones, were sent off and hidden in the other worlds of Piranoths Steps. When chaos and evil brewed in the depths of these worlds, many of these abominations came to life. The more cunning and powerful, became demon lords, terrors of the 666 steps, or worlds of what would become known as the Abyss.

Two of the most fell of the demon lords that came from Gabin Kûn's seed are Orcus and Jurusalax. Both plotted to take their father's place as master of Naratyr.

When the primordials abandoned Piranoths Steps in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE), Gabin Kûn and his people were mostly wiped out by the demons. Orcus nearly perished in his fight with his father, surviving only because of his father's mercy. Orcus took quick advantage of this and immediately struck down his father, quipping:

I'll record this as zero for infanticide, and one for regicide.

- Orcus, on the death of his father - "Gloating over Gabin Kûn"

With the death of Gabin Kûn, Orcus became master of Naratyr and the world Thanatos. The only thing left of Gabin Kûn is part of his spine. It serves as the handle of a mighty artifact called the Wand of Orcus.

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Gabin Kûn