Maen Grirngrim

Maen Grirngrim
Typenecrotic infused being

Maen Grirngrim used a dark form of magic that what would become known as necromancy. He used negative energy to raise armies of undead and necrotic energy to create life draining spells and to empower items with the ability to devour souls. He was defeated in the Creation War by seven angels called the Golden Seven. Three of these angels died fighting Maen Grirngrim and had their souls sucked into him. When the remaining angels killed the primordial they combined their holy might and then utterly annihilated Maen Grirngrim's body in a holy fire. Researchers of Horgon lore claim that the Golden Seven did not completely destroy Maen Grirngrim. Evidence of this is said to be the Saints of Maen and their torcs, each holding the corrupted blood of Maen Grirngrim.

After the Creation War, the gods and their allies went to great lengths to rid the realms of the most dangerous parts of Maen Grirngrim's magic. They seem to have missed some, because the Scrolls of Maen were found by the Thraedli, then used in the founding Maen Saetild, reviving his teachings.

Maen Grirngrim is credited with creating the first dracolich. It is said he failed many times before he finally succeeded in creating one from a legendary green dragon. He named this beast Hurguulich. This wyrm was so mentally strong and powerful that even Maen Grirngrim had trouble controlling it. Those dragons that perished in his experiments were disposed of by his minions. They unceremoniously tossed the bones of these wyrms into the basin Viing Qeth.

The 592 year cycle of the Zenith of Darkness is not an astronomical phenomena, but a number equal to years that Maen Grirngrim lived. When this primordial master of necromancy was dispatched by the Golden Seven, so began the cycles of the Zenith of Darkness.

- Tîran Hattar, of Nil Koraaviik, excerpt from his study on - "Planetary Cycles"

The work of Maen Grirngrim resurfaced with the arrival of Molakh-Búle on Bal-Kriav. It was revived again with Caliguworm, Thasmudyan and the undead leaders of the Black Tide.