Prime Architect

Prime Architect
Typehumanoid beast aberration
Alignmentchaotic neutral
Born19 Bloom 113 DE
Died3 Dreamer 8612 DE

Born in Chaos, the Prime Architect came about from the merging of the energies of two beings that had died on the world of Lunia. This was before this world had a Well of Afterlife, leading to those that died having their soul energy drawn unerringly back to Chaos. On 19 Bloom 113 DE, the energy of these beings merged, becoming an aberration. It was something that if the Primordial Lords had known about it, they would have started the Creation War much sooner.

The birth of something so powerful and intelligent, spontaneously, a product of Creation, would have solidified the ideals of the those following the Primordial Mandate.

Seeing the value, the proof that negative entropy can the seed to bring order to Chaos, two Arch-Creationist on opposite sides, Bruh Kreniik and Piranoth, believers in Creation, worked together in getting the Prime Architect out of Chaos.

- Primus, from his book The Story of the Prime Architect - "Seed of Creation"

Over the next two centuries, the the Prime Architect spent a lot of time with both his saviors, learning, and acquiring the powers of creation.

In 247 DE, as an Arch-Creationist, he created the beast world Arvandor. He made it a wild place where beasts were the apex predators, and where the world's lifeforms adapted quickly and could learn.

His neutrality in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), and his acts of Creation, naturally made him an enemy of many primordials. Though professing neutrality, in the Creation War he helped the Covenant many times.

The Prime Architect was killed when the Nine Tongued Worm decided it was time to rid those that did not align themselves with the ideals of the Primordial Mandate; returning the works of Creation to Chaos. With his death on 3 Dreamer 8612 DE, a son was spontaneously born. Named Primus, this child grew from the Prime Architect's heart on Bal-Kriav, a marvel of the realm called the Primus Hexaconta.

The Prime Architect penned many tomes on logic, engineering, geology, primordial and divine creation, and many other topics - enough works to fill a small library. The only one of these that have been found on Bal-Kriav is the Book of Orinite. This book was used in the creation of the realm's first half-golems by a Durkoth named Rereth. He also used the book to create many golems which were put to work building Urgalroth. Other works of the Prime Architect are said to be stashed away in the vault's of Mechanus's largest city Ancoph-Glycern.