Fallen Angels

forsaken by the Covenant, a Fallen Angel
Typedivine lore

The term Fallen Angel came into usage in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE). It was name given to those that had lost their way, becoming more like those the Nawirrûs Covenant were battling. The first to earn this inglorious title was Dališar.

In the God Era, a new Covenant, similar to the last, battled the demon hordes spilling out of the Abyss. This conflict, the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), was so long and brutal that it drove some to use excessive and immoral measures against the enemy.

Asmodeus smiled, and the smoke of a thousand battlefields rose from his lips. "As Lord of Battle", he pointed out, "you should know better than any that war is a dirty business. We have blackened ourselves so that you can remain golden. We have upheld the laws, not broken them." [1]

- Asmodeus, to Heironeous - Trial of Asmodeus

On 3 Lunar 9414 GE, Asmodeus and his lieutenants were found guilty of re-purposing soul energy for their own designs, building secret armies. The ringleader Asmodeus and his lieutenants, all Covenant generals, were stripped of their celestial status, banished as Fallen Angels from the Mortal Systems.

Notable Fallen Angels
AngelFall Date
Asmodeus3 Lunar 9414 GE
Baalzebul3 Lunar 9414 GE
DališarDawn Era
Dispater3 Lunar 9414 GE
Geryon3 Lunar 9414 GE
Graz'zt4 Witchrite 8201 DE
Mammon3 Lunar 9414 GE
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