Bal-Kriav on the roof of Irrai
Built31 Lunar 1849 DE

Irrai is an enormous square tower that rises 800'. It has a 5000' base that tapers to 500' square flat battlemented roof. This colossal tower is sited on the southwestern edge of Regadnîn. In the skies above the tower, to a distance of a mile in all directions, are the Skytowers of Irrai. On some of these floating islands of earth and rock are smaller versions of the Irrai tower.

During the Creation War, the fortifications of this area were constructed by a powerful god and his angelic soldiers. One of the groups that helped raise this monolithic structure was an elite squad of angels called the Golden Seven. At the time they were based out of Aphalur, and served as special forces for the Nawirrûs Covenant. They would aid Bal-Kriav in the epic battles that would rage across Regadnîn.

With the power of Creation, he was a brilliant strategist, and perhaps one of the most noble and goodly beings I have ever encountered. He gave mercy to those primordials that yielded. Instead of dispatching these wicked monsters, he sent them to the prison continent Denerra.

Here we stand at the walls of Irrai, honoring the hero that fought hard against our enemies. He put aside his mantle of creation, to save the cornerstone of the war, this world. If it had fallen, so would have the system. May we hereby honor him, naming this world Bal-Kriav.

- Athena, angel leader of the Golden Seven, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Dawn Chronicles"

Irrai is still as strong as it was during the Creation War. One of the things that is gone from the tower is its great eastern doors. In one of the conflicts that raged across Regadnîn, the place was attacked by a primordial army. The doors were melted down by the caustic discharges of Nakh-Zennîm.

Today, Irrai and the earth motes that hover in the sky about, are home to pacts of of coutl, the holy naga called the Makarrûs, ki-rin, pegasi, and other goodly creatures. An elder titan also dwells here from time to time. The goodly inhabitants of the place oppose all investigation of Irrai and the Skytowers of Irrai.

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