LocationClans, Unaraggumak
Created9 Saunas 6404 DE

Anaz is a unnatural volcano-like mountain that came into being in the Creation War. It was the result of a rift that opened between Marragh's moon Bingatho and Felbarum. The primordial monstrosity Bryakus used the Anaz Rift to ravage the surrounding countryside and threaten the forces of the Nawirrûs Covenant.

The rift inside Anaz is an open link between Bal-Kriav and Bingatho. Over time, the rift's presence has resulted in a band of jungle and high moisture that is like that of an area of Bingatho (the other side of the rift's opening).

When Anaz erupts (from a build of pressure from the deeps of Khelan), and it does so frequently, it blasts hot air, steam and moisture upwards from the Underdark to the surface where it blows into the surrounding landscape. The area south of the mountain is the most affected by these pressure releases. The jungle Goldarah, one in an otherwise temperate environment, is a product of Anaz's eruptions and the Anaz Rift inside it. Most of the creatures that inhabit this jungle are those that have passed through the rift from the far away moon Bingatho. Once coming through the rift and finding themselves on the world Bal-Kriav, they pass along cavernous passages and their many streams and rivulets. If they survive the journey, for their are predators a many, most end up staying in Goldarah. This is because after leaving the jungle they find themselves in the rugged and barren Felbarum landscape.

Anaz has many points where warm to steaming hot streams cascade down the slopes. These streams along with others from the surrounding highlands form the head of three rivers - the Manul, Kazdal and the Turuk. The Manul flows west from Anaz, the Kazdal flows south, and the Turuk flows east. The heads of these rivers along with the base of Anaz are often shrouded in fog and steam. This is a product of the hundreds of geothermal streams cascading down the mountain.

Notable Areas