Henmona Rift

Opened19 Hollow 1486 DE

In the Creation War, the Henmona Rift was opened by a primordial minion wielding Webreaver. This minion was disintegrated when the blade sliced a gap in the Web, creating an inter-system rift between the worlds Nasudex and the world Kriav. Upon the gate's opening, the primordial armies of Piranoth began their invasion of Kriav. They dominated regions around the rift very quickly, turning the area into a depot for future operations. It wouldn't be to nearly the end of the war before the Nawirrûs Covenant could take back Kriav.

In the Demon Spawn War, the demon lord Hezxis re-opened the Henmona Rift. His armies left the world Nasudex, invading Kriav's region Cilarrion.