N a k h - Z e n n î m

Typeprimordial psionic abomination
Died1 War March 5004 DE

Nakh-Zennîm was a massive spider-like abomination. On his back, this primordial carried an unimaginably large orb. Inside this orb was an ichor composed of psychic energy absorbed from all those that died around him. This ichor was used to power devastating psionic attacks. His other deadly mode of attack was an acidic spittle composed of psionic infused ichor.

When Orb 399 was being created, Nakh-Zennîm psionic blasted its maker Bingatho. This resulted in Bingatho's insanity and progressive chaotic tendencies.

In the 14th Battle of Regadnîn, Nakh-Zennîm and his army of spider-like aberrations besieged Irrai. After discharging spittle that quickly destroyed the fortress's eastern doors, Nakh-Zennîm was met by the Covenant leader Bal-Kriav. In the ensuing battle, Bal-Kriav proved no match for Nakh-Zennîm. The death of the Covenant's supreme general, rallied those around him. They concentrated all fire on taking down the enemy leader. Driven from the battle, Nakh-Zennîm flew east across the Salzârrâk Sea.

Months later, hiding beneath the dunes of Rônnahar, he was found by Covenant trackers. Prepared to fight a psionic power-house, Nakh-Zennîm met its end. Upon the death of Nakh-Zennîm, the area around became a focus for psychic trauma, the Mindwrack plain.

Nakh-Zennîm is one of the few primordials that could survive the cold and airless expanse of the Void; the only area it could create its offspring. Thousands of Nakh-Zennîm' eggs, inside a growing brainus, were scattered around worlds and moons in orbits that eventually brought them to the surface.