looters at the foot of Nâzel
Built17 Bloom 1837 DE

Looming like something out of a book or painting, Nâzel is an enormous fortress spanning the breadth of the Eyegaihur valley. It was one of the great bastions built by the archangels to keep Bal-Kriav from falling to the primordials.

Nâzel has five-hundred-foot-high sloping walls and 777 fighting decks and towers spread across five miles. The walls have 150' thick bases and slits for flooding the area before them with water or other liquid. Some of these openings harbor massive adamantine blades. These scythe-like defenses can easily tear through ranks of troops with no effort. Inside the fortress are thousands of passages and chambers. These are constructed in such a way to delay and confuse attackers. They were made so well that even the defenders would sometimes get lost or trapped in the maze.

Nâzel is my finest construction. Our foes, bent on destroying this world and returning it to the belly of chaos, suffered greatly whenever they came upon this place. I designed the place to have 777 fighting decks. These allowed our armies to sneak attack the besiegers and to handle the flyers, the crawlers, and the towering monstrosities. Nâzel was the last great defense along Eyegaihur before reaching Aphalur. This fortress held against many assaults. It was breached several times during the Battles of Regadnîn. Some of these were planned. We would lure the primordial armies into the kill zones west of the wall and then come in from behind them through secret passages and re-garrison Nâzel. The other times it was breached was because some monstrosities were just too big or tough to tackle with a static defense.

- Naraz-Nâru, then member of the Golden Seven, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Bulwark of Târulûth"

Nâzel's fortifications show a lot of patchwork from the many sieges it withstood. When the gods and angels departed for their own systems, Nâzel was stripped of most of its weaponry and items. Today, the place is the abode of humanoids, giants, and monsters. A few bold adventurers have made treks to the place and recovered ancient relics and items from the Dawn Era.

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