CategoryHigher Powers
RaceDemon (Blood Fiend, Demon Lord)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Symbolsnarling hound
EnemiesCallarduran, Silvanus
Born6 Saunas 7859 DE
Died10 Lunar 9121 GE

Jurusalax was one of the siblings of Gabin Kûn. He was tainted by birth, infused with entropic energy of Chaos and the evil energies spreading across the worlds of Piranoths Steps.

At the age of 10, Jurusalax was fully matured, spiteful and of murderous intent. This murderous intent has been attributed to him being a creature driven by a craving for blood. Some even believe Jurusalax to be the the first blood fiend - a type of demon that creates other blood fiends by preying on demons.

After Jurusalax was discovered behind a plot to murder his father, he was captured and imprisoned in the maze of cells under Naratyr called Berronihx. During his sentence, he was chained down where he was chewed on by rats and other critters. It was during this time, that he came to befriend a pack of rune hounds that wander the prison maze. The process of befriending them took five years and was not without incident. Initially, the runehouds took his gestures of friendship as a threat, so they spit their noxious bile on him. Even though this hurt him, it had the benefit of ridding the area of the pesky critters gnawing on his sides. One day, when the guards came to retrieve him for routine torture, they were attacked by a pack of rune hounds. Jurusalax, a demon akin to a blood-sucking vampire, long starved of blood, joined in the melee, biting guards that fell next to him, draining them in a single bite. The runehounds then chewed away Jurusalax's hands and feet, freeing him from his irons. They then dragged him out of Berronihx and left him to rot. His regenerative powers saved him from thousands upon thousands of critter feedings, so to did it save him from bleeding out. After a few days, his hands and feet were also regenerated.

Jurusalax came to prominence late in the Abyssal Release (7777 DE - 8777 DE). In this war, the demons rose up against the primordials and battled for supremacy over what was then called Piranoths Steps, but would better become known as the Abyss. He captured part of the world Barbamor and successfully defended it against the primordials seeking to take it back and those other petty demon lords seeking to make a name for themselves.

After the Abyssal Release, the demons were not content with just having the Abyss, they wanted anything else they could take by force or guile. In the Demon Spawn War, Jurusalax's demon sorcerers used primordial relics to crack the Web of Magic, creating a rift between the worlds Barbamor and Kriav. For nine long years, his forces attempted to secure a domain on this world. The fighting was costly and nothing could be securely held. This was because at the time Kriav was still reeling from the Cube Collapse:

Magic on Kriav is unpredictable and everything native to the world seems capable of pulling off some magical trick or feat. For a time, this magic was unrefined with creatures using rays, cones, or walls to damage their foes. In the centuries since, the more intelligent species have learned how to channel magic for disguise, manipulation, and movement.

- Corellon, status report of Kriav to the Quara'tun Covenant - "Magic of Kriav"

As a result of the stiff opposition on Kriav, Jurusalax turned to his demon sorcerers and the last of the rift-making relics in his possession. They used this to again split the Web of Magic, opening a rift between Kriav and the world Bal-Kriav. In 8981 GE, the armies of Jurusalax abandoned Kriav for another mortal world. This started the Zythess War. The Núlananya Rift was used by the invaders to assault Honmin. In this land, his armies were contested by those under Callarduran. When Ares, then Supreme Commander of the Quara'tun Covenant, sent orders to pull out of Hezmort, Callarduran refused by stating that he could not abandon the gnomes. Callarduran failed to stop the waves of demons pouring through the Núlananya Rift. He saved his gnomes, but perished battling Jurusalax and more than a hundred runehounds. One Gimrune legend say that it was not Jurusalax that delivered the killing blow, but a mound of dead hounds that suffocated Callarduran.

After the death of Callarduran, the demons took control of Hezmort. Jurusalax, ever the eccentric, set to building his own empire, employing captured Gimrune to enhance his holds with gaudy architecture, contraptions and engineering marvels.

After the closing of the Núlananya Rift, the archangel Silvanus hunted Jurusalax. The first thing that Silvanus did when he found him was to separate the demon lord from his packs of demon hounds. Once apart, he and Silvanus battled. Jurusalax blew on his horn many times in the fight, hoping that his most deadly weapon, his hounds, would come to his aid. Unfortunately for him, his hounds were lured into chasing Silvanus's sprites and driven to frenzy from the flying fey's euphoric aroma. Jurusalax was slain by Silvanus on 10 Lunar 9121 GE. Most of his hounds and other minions were also put down, yet some of Jurusalax's rune hound pups survived. Those that lurk in Logor are descendants of Jurusalax's demon hounds.

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