Golden Seven

Athena, heading to the Regadnîn Front
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The Golden Seven were an elite band of heroes that came together in the Creation War. They supported Creation, and generally good deeds. These seven angelic heroes were Ares, Athena (the group's founder), Naraz-Nâru, Ditherra, Iphæyûs, Phalgas, and Rôghar.

The Golden Seven often went on hazardous missions, like the elimination of epic chaos aberrations and other primordials behemoths, and even bringing down primordials. On 5 Bloom 6744 DE, they closed the Henmona Rift.

In 7791 DE, they tracked down a soul-eating primordial named Maen Grirngrim. In the ensuing fight, Ditherra, Iphæyûs and Rôghar were slain, their souls wrenched from their bodies and consumed. The rest slew the primordial, incinerating his body in holy fire.

While on Bal-Kriav, the Golden Seven built an enormous citadel called Aphalur. This place was used as an arms depot, training area, and later a hospital for the wounded coming out of Regadnîn. The Golden Seven also helped build massive fortifications to defend against the primordial invasion. The largest is a series of towers, walls and defenses called the Bulwark of Târulûth.

The Bulwark of Târulûth is a series of towers and defenses built by the gods and their angelic armies. They were made to stop the primordial hordes from breaking out of Regadnîn.

Many of these defenses were engineered by Naraz-Nâru. At the time, this figure was but a angel, a very powerful one, member of the Golden Seven, and serving Bal-Kriav.

The defenders of this as yet unnamed world ( now called Bal-Kriav ) built great bastions to combat the often enormous size and great strength of the primordials and their armies.

Some of the bastions of the Bulwark are Aphalur, Irrai, and Nâzel. One place, not built but "re-tooled " is Dališar. This structure looks like a volcano, sort of acts like one, but is really an imprisoned and lobotomized primordial.

- Nindonor, from a Scroll of Dawn - "The Godworks"