horror of Froglem
RegionAerie of Dragons
Founded6 Bliss 500 HE
MapsIizus Yeldah

Froglem is a ruin sited on the northwestern shores of Tiizak and scattered across the southern expanse of Viing Qeth. The ruins of this desolate place hold relics of a lost civilization which paid homage to frog-like monstrosities.

During the reign of Bael Turath, historical texts claim that the area was unstable with frequent changes in ruling parties. For a time it was bullywug worshiping slaadi lords, then bullywug worshiping an ancient black dragon, and later greenscale answering to an undead cult dedicated to Orcus. Over thousands of years, the larger relics, bronze frog-like statues, ornate items, and other treasures were stripped from the place. Many of these items can be found in the treasure hordes of dragons, monsters, and humanoids of the Aerie of Dragons. The larger stone statues of frogs and frog-like humanoids are scattered about Froglem. Many are buried under the mud or partially submerged in Viing Qeth. Some of these larger statues are so large as to have once served as living areas. These statue-buildings have multiple levels both within and beneath.

Much of the ruins of Froglem lie in wetlands. Explorers of the area have reported slaadi tombs. These alien creatures once ruled this area. There seems to have been some kind of faction in-fighting in the place, since some of the tombs were fashioned to be prison-tombs and guarded by demons, undead and constructs. Outside of the tombs and vaults, the surface ruins are held by many opposing groups. Groups of greenscale battle orcs, one or two dragons vie for control with bands of bullywugs and kobolds, and squads of undead fight all and seem to be under control of something deep in the swamp.

In 1832, the Hulkurân Seekers explored these ruins. Under these ruins, they discovered an ancient Bael Turath city. Piamauza historical texts say this city, Koron Kilith, was thought to have been swallowed up by some magic gone awry.

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