M a s t e r   o f   T i d e s


In the time before time, even before the Creation War, a fearsome primordial dubbed the Master of Tides, strode across Chaos. This entity was less patient even than its primordial kin; wherever it traveled, it ripped apart whatever structures it discovered, leaving raw entropy in its wake. Even the stars themselves offended its sense of chaos, and it tore rifts around it as it moved. When the war between the gods and primordials began, the Master of Tides was among the first the gods slew, for the gods especially feared its system-spanning destruction [1].

Early in the Creation War, Geb and the Master of Tides teamed up, destroying the world Moyawel. The destruction of this newly formed planet resulted in a great asteroid belt that came to be known as the Belt of Geb.

One piece of another realm that that was sundered by the Master of Tides and then fell through a rift is the Ebon Bedrock. This alien thing ended up in Bal-Kriav's region Hells Womb. The Ebon Bedrock serves as the foundation of the Palace of Nine.

While he was working to destroy Regulus, the Master of Tides was killed by the gods Bruh Kreniik and Danzar-Khâl.


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