RegionIce Cap

Rumak is an unusual lake of Aettein. Periodically, whirlpools open up at random places on the lake. These are the rifts called the Rings of Hettar.

The lake is very deep, home to many scrags, nixies, water weirds, and other aquatic predators.

The long, winding river Jhernarth ends at Rumak. Rumak in turn drains north into the icy waters of the Nautrek.

The most remarkable feature of the lake is a partially submerged statue of a primeval giant. This statue is enormous with its head nearly fifty feet in diameter. The head, neck, and part of the upper arms are above water. This colossal figure is not a true statue, but the petrified primordial Hettar. Scholars say that this primordial was one of the leaders of the earthen armies that assaulted Bal-Kriav in the Creation War. During the reign of C√Ľngin-Zar, many of its people prayed to this petrified primordial and built mammoth temples and shrines along the shores of Rumak.

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