Energy Composition

Typeelemental lore

Most everything is comprised of one or more energies. One energy is usually in concentration, like the Life Energy of living creatures, the Negative Energy of the undead, or the Fire Energy of certain fiery brutes. Spells are composed of various types of energy like the Arcane Energy of a mage's Fireball which has an energy composition of arcane, fire, and air; the latter to give the spell flight. Areas, worlds, and even entire systems can be a concentration for certain energy types; some Focuses for certain energy types, places where they are more potent and dangerous.

In the Dawn Era, a Lith-Crillion named Githyon, an advisor to the archangel Ptah did a lot of research and experiments with psychic energy. One of the most important of these led to the concept of Energy Exchange. In 2219 DE, in a secret lab on Ghífthauk, using earth archons as subjects, Githyon created the first Githzerai and then the Githyanki. These two new races were created by exchanging captured archon's Earth Energy with Life Energy. It was highly secretive work, his boss knew about it, but none others. Both he and Ptah knew that such things would not be looked kindly upon by the Creationists and certain goodly members of the Nawirrûs Covenant.

In the Second Epoch, githzerai scientists of the Zisi-Nul, helped the Ageless Emperor with the accelerated evolution of the Orc race, or so they claimed, creating the Githirmil race. The process of doing this, Energy Exchange, removing the Entropy of the common orc, replacing it with its opposite (Negative Entropy).

In the First Epoch, the Khazarkar Empire selectively bred minotaurs. The Khazarkar's Department of Retooling, by way of the Minotaur Cultural Edict (420 - 796), did this by managing who was allowed to mate. They made sure only those with low entropic energies copulated. Three centuries of this led to most minotaurs having more negative entropy than its antithesis. This change was only temporary. During the time when Coeus was their patron deity (815 - 1695), Ba'lith's minotaurs were as chaotic as the day they were crafted by Baphomet.

When a living creatures becomes an undead, they give up life energy for negative energy. It is considered the easiest way to swap one energy for another. Outside of a powerful psion, or group of them, performing an Energy Exchange, the normal way energy is exchanged for another is time; the more time a wizard spends in the arts, the more arcane energy they accumulate at the expense of something else.

It is thought that some worlds have a energy composition particularly suited for certain lifeforms, like the legendary beasts all said to have been born on one of Aborea's beast worlds.

Example Energy Composition
TypeHighest EnergyPercent
living creaturelife energy >= 51%
undead creaturenegative energy >= 51%
created in Chaosentropic energy >= 25%
created on Mechanusnegative entropy >= 25%