NativeBal-Kriav, others

The Bullywug race is an ancient one dating to the Dawn Era. They were created in the Creation War as amphibian soldiers to dominate wetlands, rivers, and other freshwater bodies. They were considered one of the weaker elements of the primordial armies. Many leaders of bullywug units viewed them as untrustworthy, sometimes unreliable, and at least 10% of them were insensitive to the deaths of those around them. These traits got worse over time, such that by the end of the Creation War most of them had changed alignment entirely from chaotic neutral to neutral evil.

In some areas of the realm, bullywug will play the role of paying homage to the slaadi or possibly even a nearby dragon. Sociologist that have studied these groups say that they do this only out of their own selfish interests and will eliminate what they one idolized if given the chance. They were so widely used that after the primordials were defeated, bullywugs found themselves scattered all over the multiverse. Since they were considered a minor threat and possibly even an ally in the Demon Spawn War, the Quara'tun Covenant saw fit to allow their permanent stay in the Mortal Systems.

Bullywug are limited in their movements and habitats. This comes from the fact that they have to be immersed in water once per day or suffer dehydration. In severe conditions, they have been known to dig underground where they enter a state of hibernation. This can last months or even centuries, ending only when a favorable environment exists. When the Nermanis Sea receded and then disappeared, thousands upon thousands of Kazrâ's bullywug dug holes and went into hibernation. Kazrâ became a hot and arid desert - possibly entombing the area's bullywug for all eternity. In the Cinazan Front, one Athirbêni general came up with a plan for digging them up and transporting them to Gimirkazân where they would come out of their sleep and then be pressed into military service. This never came to fruition with the rapid advance of the Horde of Chaos which put Kazrâ far behind enemy lines.

Bullywug are scattered all over Bal-Kriav, with most either where they were left after the Creation War or several hundred miles away along the path of some waterway.

Racial Traits
Racial as bullywug