CategoryHigher Powers
RaceFrost Titan (Primordial)
Alignmentchaotic evil
Symbolwhite double-bladed axe
DomainCold, Winter
EnemiesAres, Surtur
Born11 Lunar 6891 DE
Godhood6 Hollow 221 LE

On 11 Lunar 6891 DE, in a remote corner of the frigid wastes of Fimbulwinter, a frost giant is born to a former concubine of Piranoth. She names her son Thyrm.

Thyrm is a primordial. In the Creation War, he fought with the primordial armies that invaded Bal-Kriav. During this conflict, Thyrm was always scheming and plotting, so much so that his actions caused a lot of problems with the overall primordial plans for Bal-Kriav's conquest. A few of the primordials, tired of Thyrm's disruptive machinations decided to have Thyrm taken out of play. Surtur duped him into leading the attack on Regadnîn, where he he was captured at the Second Battle of Regadnîn. In return for his freedom, the Golden Seven made a deal with him to close an Entropy Arch and then they banished him from the realm for a millennium. The icy barrier that Thyrm created over the Entropy Arch is an area called Tâchan.

In the Second Battle of Regadnîn, we captured Thyrm. After a lengthy interrogation by Ares and Ditherra, Thyrm revealed the location of an Entropy Arch that was beginning to open. We travelled with Thyrm to the gateway and then had him seal it with his ice magic. In return for Thyrm's aid, we spared him from death, but banished him for a millennia. Thyrm accepted these terms, parting with these words - "I will have my revenge, and you will experience a cold like you have never thought possible".

Thyrm's betrayal of the primordials made him a marked being. We banished him to the far reaches of the void, thereby giving him a descent chance of eluding his primordial enemies.

- Athena, from a Plaque of Aphalur - "Thyrm's Betrayal"

In the Demon Spawn War, Thyrm returned to the Bal-Kriav. He proved that he was no longer following the whims of the Creation War primordials by helping the Quarat'un Covenant. At the head of the Moredhel valley he froze the seawaters flooding through a rift linking Bal-Kriav to an abyssal world, creating what became known as the Fihrgrell Cap.

Cari'phis was a wife of Thyrm. When Ares "accidentally" dropped her into the Cube of Arcane, the two became eternal enemies.

In the Lith-Crillion Era, Thyrm's Concubine General led an army from Fimbulwinter. They took a blizzard-like vortex that had been created with a cluster of null mines. They passed through a temporary rift to Bal-Kriav, debauching in the continent Elemantum where they began seizing control of the land around them and subjugate her peoples. For three centuries, much of Elemantum fell under the yoke of Crybhox and her ice troll army. During this time, Thyrm's influence (thanks to Crybhox), increased on the Bal-Kriav to a point that on 6 Hollow 221 LE he gained the status of a demigod. When this happened a blizzard gripped the lands of Elemantum lasting a week, yet on Fimbulwinter it went on continuously for a year.

Thyrm is primarily worshiped by frost giants, Thrallrir, and those worshiping the raw power of the cold. His greatest enemy is the god Surtur. On Bal-Kriav, their minions wage a great war across Elemantum's southern tracts, pitting the fiery minions of Cinderfall against the icy legions of Artaxertus.

Temples to Thyrm are built in the mountains, near glacial wastelands, and other cold areas. Ice ages or other periods of cold are sometimes named after Thyrm. The ice age Thyrms Breath and the bitterly cold year of 1796, Thyrms Cough, are two of these.

Thyrm is the major power of Fimbulwinter. On this world he has to contend with primordials spilling out of Chaos, and the occasional demon invasion come over to "his" world by rifts to the numerous worlds of the Abyss.

Sources of Divine Power
Core WorshipProselytizers
ArtaxertusAnzar Sect
Jarls of Inzurakthol
Known Powers
Divine Toughness+2,000 hit points as Minor Power
Master of Cold all cold attacks are Maximized as the feat of the same name
Modulating Energy+15 modulating energy damage for all attacks