Arvandor Sphere 18

AliasSphere 18
FocusNature Energy, Entropic Energy
Formed6 Temporal 247 DE

In 247 DE the Prime Architect created the beast world Arvandor. He made it a wild place where beasts for thousands of years served as its apex predators. He made these beasts and the prey capable of quickly adapting to varying environments and some capable of higher learning. The Prime Architect's doings, the creation of Arvandor and the other worlds of the Arborea System were in violation of the Primordial Mandate, resulting in many powerful enemies looking to make an example of him and his worlds. In times when he was being pursued by primordial trackers, he retreated to Arvandor and let the beasts handle his pursuers.

Today, Arvandor is better known as an elven realm, a bastion for the Higher Powers Corellon and Sehanine. Most figure the place to be peaceful because of this, yet beyond the islands of civilization, fixed or roaming, it is still very dangerous. A secure zone could be the edge of a city, always walled, where on the other side begins a frontier where beasts reign supreme. Nomadic bands of wood elves and centaurs roam these wilds, living amongst the beasts as both predators and prey. The harded settlements and fortresses are the home of the Kriavfahliil.

Arvandor's deep forests are home to wood elf enclaves in the hundreds. These wood elves, like their city-dwelling brothers, were all mortals that once pledged themselves to either Corellon or Sehanine. Beyond these islands of civilization are great stretches of land that are as wild and dangerous as when they were created by the Prime Architect.

Notable Higher Powers