Womb of Entropy

Built6 Hollow 7941 DE
Destroyed22 Artifice 1271 LE

Built late in the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), the Womb of Entropy was the work of the primordials, a planetary invasion platform to be used against the Covenant.

The Womb of Entropy began with a massive rock, a mountain of a destroyed world, floating aimlessly like flotsam in the Sea of Entropy. A primordial lord named Geb and his earth archon builders turned this mountain into a massive military base, honeycombing it with numerous passages and chambers. They added colossal vaults for Sarseg's rift-making devices. The Womb of Entropy remained a constant threat for five centuries. With its arrival near a world, inter-system rifts would be opened between Chaos and the target world.

When the Creation War ended, the Covenant scoured many systems, looking for reports of the Womb of Entropy, but nothing was found. In the Lith-Crillion Era, the Womb of Entropy was found by a primordial named Asoun. Inside the mountain-sized structure, Asoun activated Sarseg's devices, opening two rifts on the world of Bal-Kriav.

In 1271 LE, the Lith-Crillion, with research centers scattered across Bal-Kriav, learned of the location of the Womb of Entropy. Lith-Crillion commandos, supported by a pack of weave spiders, mounted an attack, utterly destroying the place along with all those around it. The Womb's destruction sent fragments across the Quara'tun System. Several hundred of these pieces, chaos-tainted shards, are called entropy fragments.

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