Womb of Entropy

Built6 Hollow 7941 DE
Destroyed22 Artifice 1271 LE

The Womb of Entropy was created in the Dawn Era by the primordials. It was built to be an invasion platform against the newly created worlds of the Creationists.

The Womb of Entropy was a massive rock, the size of a mountain, floating in the endless expanse of Chaos. The primordial lord Geb and his earth archon builders turned this mountain into a massive military base. They honeycombed the rock with numerous wide and tall passages and chambers. They then started building special areas within it to house rift-making devices. These were devices built either by or under the guidance of a rogue weave spider named Sarseg. After they were in place, he activated them. This opened inter-system rifts between Chaos and faraway worlds. Soldiers went through the fortress, through the rifts, and then off to one of the fronts of the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

When the Creation War ended, the Womb of Entropy is thought to have either been destroyed or lost to the Sea of Entropy. In the Lith-Crillion Era, it was found by a primordial named Asoun. Inside the mountain-sized structure, Asoun activated Sarseg's rift-makers, opening two bridges to the world of Bal-Kriav. One of these rifts was a diversion, tying down whatever forces came to close it. The other was for establishing a base of operations.

Ten years later, the Lith-Crillion had gathered enough information to mount an attack on the source of the rifts. Lith-Crillion commandos, supported by a pack of weave spiders ended up utterly destroying the place along with all those around it. An explosion sent millions of pieces of the Womb across the universe. Of these, several hundred, are chaos-tainted shards known as Entropy Fragments.

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