Shard Of Tiwa'erra

Typedeep crystal

In the Creation War, the angel Ptah took on an entire army of storm archons. Alone he battled both army and their leader, the primordial thinker Eysveig. When this primordial army breached Ptah's sky citadel Tiwa'erra, his trap was sprung. Ptah released the field containing all the psychic energy stored in the bastion's walls. This caused the energy to suck downward, as if an implosion was occurring, but then it reverberated back from Tiwa'erra core. This event is thought to have been caused by Ptah's use of a psionic power called Split Time.

There have been two known cases of someone splitting time, that is to create two time-lines from one and then merge them back to one - even one affecting just a small area, can cause devastating affects. Ptah destroyed Tiwa'erra with this power, and the Lith-Crillion did the same to the Womb of Entropy. Where Tiwa'erra was destroyed by psychic energy, the Womb was destroyed by magical energy from The Weave.

- Kavdas, excerpt from his book - "Time Dynamics"

Tiwa'erra was destroyed in the explosion, creating millions of shards. These Shards of Tiwa'erra showered down across a large area of Bal-Kriav.

Shards of Tiwa'erra are a type of deep crystal. They differ in that they act as a psionic reservoir. This equates to one power point per pound of material. As a result of this boon, armor made of this crystal is of great desire to psionicists.