Step of Foundation Pazunia

AliasPazunia, Sphere 1
FocusEntropic Energy
Formed19 War March 1 DE

The Step of Foundation, or Pazunia to the demons, was the first world created by a Creationist named Piranoth. It was the first world of a system that for a time would be called Piranoths Steps. Later under demons and demon lords, it would become better known as the Abyss.

The theories and complexities of building an entire system of worlds is unimaginable to most beings. The Creationists left hints of this in monuments, writings, and relics scattered across the multi-verse. The general conclusion is that making worlds is immensely complex. The most troublesome part of creating them is that they take on aspects of their own, that if not controlled may result in a realm that is at odds with the alignment of its creator.

Often built from raw energies of Chaos, systems can take on a life of their own. When a system goes too far to the extreme, it becomes an area of ultimate perfection or ultimate destruction. The demons that overran Piranoths Steps seek to make it an abyssal pit of absolute chaos and evil, while the angels having done their good deed, giving the mortal realm some harmony, while turning other systems to some extreme fitting their ethical and moral perspective. This is exactly what we did not want to happen and why we started the Creation War - to keep creation out of the hands of those who would bend it to their will.

- Piranoth, from Hirstyr Signir - "World Making"

What was learned from making this world would be used to make other worlds in the system. Piranoth, either rash at the time, or too eager to start on another world seems to have made the mistake of creating inter-world rifts to each successive world he made. These rifts were used to funnel energy and matter from Chaos to the world under construction, thus greatly reducing the time to build it.

The Step of Foundation seems to have been corrupted by the rifts to the other worlds. The Hirstyr Signir monolith has writing on it that say over thousands of years, the very world absorbed corrupting energy, including baleful life forces, that perished across Piranoths Steps. This dark energy sunk to the first world, coalesced, and then spread outward along the rifts, like tendrils of corrupting darkness. The tendrils were evil energies that fused with the chaotic energies of Chaos, something termed by Bruh Kreniik as the Threads of Damnation. These "threads" were tendrils of chaotic energy that worked their way outward from the Step of Foundation and then across all the worlds of the Abyss.

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