Gortuns Rock

Gortuns Rock
Built17 Brightstar 8670 DE

Gortuns Rock was built in the Dawn Era to serve as watch tower for the things imprisoned in Denerra. The then angels Atlas and Arcana oversaw the construction of this mountain bastion. When the angels and gods left this realm to the mortals, this place and others like it were abandoned.

If there is a place where epic heroes go to battle alongside other heroes or display their battle prowess in the eyes of the gods, then it begins at Gortuns Rock. This area is a gateway to the Prison Continent. Beyond the sheer walls of this place, looking south, is a land holding the prisons of hundreds of chaos archons and some of their once great primordial masters.

The land beyond the relative safety of Gortuns Rock was named by the angels of the Dawn Era. They named it Denerra, but most refer to it as the Prison Continent. Those that come to Gortuns Rock and the eleven other Sentinels of Denerra are charged with patrolling Denerra and putting down any prisoners that escape or other foes that wander this untamed landscape. The Prison Continent holds more than just imprisoned primordials and their lackeys. Ancient evils, places of absolute stability, and holds of entropy are scattered about the landscape. These places were built to serve as a focus of power for containing the prisoners. They have guards of magical monsters, constructs and many other types of creatures which have increased in numbers since the Dawn Era. This increase has come from magical reproduction through fonts, magical pools, and other oddities or by natural reproduction. The new ones were never made to serve as guardians of the focus points, so they wander the land, some forming petty organizations or seeking to leave Denerra. Some of these creatures are super powerful and they must be put down. Those that come to Gortuns Rock can take on a commission and fight those that break out of their prisons or those focus-descended that are problematic and a probable threat to Midrêth.

Most of those that come to Gortuns Rock do it out of a sense of keeping stability and harmony in the realm. The thrill seekers or treasure seekers are few since death in this land can be permanent. This is because the entirety of the Prison Continent is warded with ancient magic, stuff cast by the angels and gods of the God Era, which prevents spirits from leaving this land. This means that when a mortal dies in the Prison Continent, their spirit is trapped here. The spirit is destined to wander the land and seek to take the body of another when they die. This becomes a battle of wills and the loser is left to wander the lands in search of another near death. The will of those who lose becomes weaker while the victor's will increases. For those that lose too often, they become a mindless ghost of pure destructive evil. When this ghost is dispatched, the soul is lost forever. The other dangers of the land are the relics and things left by the early gods and primordials. These areas could be a vault that once served as an arms depot, research lab, or built to serve a prison.

Gortuns Rock is a enormous stronghold built into a mountain peak. On the outside of the place, are aeries, towering spires, and ornate châteaus befitting the Kings of Gulimbor. These serve as homes to adventurers, commissioned personages, and the staff of Gortuns Rock. The place came to be called Gortum's Rock when it was learned from a Scroll of Dawn that beneath the halls of this place lies the bones of great warrior named Gortun. He was the son of then angels Arcana and Atlas. They built Gortum's Rock to serve as a monument and tomb to a son that died fighting the primordials.