RegionIzagunbar, Enjof
Built19 Temporal 1988 DE

In the Creation War, the primordial lord Surtur, known for his "volcano rifts", created the Graer volcano. It served as an attack vector against Covenant forces defending Izagunbar. At the time, he was reluctantly serving under another primordial lord named Poseidon. The Covenant fortifications of Orra were built to contain this threat. Many have wondered why Surtur created a volcano in such a vulnerable spot, so close to the Pearl Sea.

Chaos in protest, Graer rose up from the ground. It loomed high above the coasts, showing its weakness against the pounding surf.

- Bal-Kriav, from a Plaques of Aphalur - "Graers Chink"

Forces serving under the Covenant leader Bal-Kriav were quick to learn that if magic was used against Graer's sea-facing side, they could possibly flood Graer's bridge to Chaos. It took several years to complete this undermining effort. On land, giants and primordial minions under Surtur contested these efforts. At sea, they were harried by forces under the storm titan Thjorygg. Often chagrined and put to seemingly pointless maneuvers, Surtur and Thjorygg were perhaps the worst two to put in charge of the area's primordial operations. As a result, Graer was breached. In what became known as the Graer Breach, sea waters flooded the volcano, putting the Graer Rift under hundreds of feet of sea water, and flooding a large swathe of Izagunbar's underside.

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