Hedge Legion

Elder Treant
CategoryCrack Units
Symbolbudding tree
Disbanded31 Kindle 9493 GE

The Hedge Legion was a military unit that fought the primordials in the Creation War and then the demons in the Demon Spawn War. This unit was instrumental in burying the Radullu Rift. When Silvanus rose to prominence among the angels, he took command of this elite unit.

He proved to be a cunning tactician, waging guerrilla campaigns against our enemies. When choosing ground, he always picked forested or broken and retired from the area if caught in conditions unfavorable to his style of warfare.

- Ares, from a Scroll of Dawn - "Silvanus Tactics"

Those that died in this unit were interred atop the plateau Aryon. Some believe that ironhue is timber that has grown up over the resting place of a soldier of the Hedge Legion.

The Hedge Legion no longer exists as a military unit, but some of those that served in it are still alive. The largest number of them are members of Einglach. Several of the legion's treants were part of the Roots of NĂșlananya, but no one except Silvanus and possibly a few others, knows if they are still around.

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