OwnerEldritch Conclave
Created19 Saunas 2162 DE

In the Creation War, a great battle was fought in Faeglor's subterranean reaches. The primordial lord Surtur faced off with the archangel Arcana. At the time, Arcana was a solar out surveying the area for magical emanations bleeding from Ice Cap. She encountered Surtur here while he was in the final preparations of detonating a null mine. She had been warned that he was in the area, but her curiosity of magical streams got the better of her. Arcana tried to stop Surtur, losing an arm in the process. The loss of one of her limbs triggered a Contingency spell, teleporting her to the safety of Achamâz. Surtur threw the limp arm of his foe in with the null mine and detonated it, creating a rift between the world Bal-Kriav and the elemental world Muspelheim. Lava flowed through this rift creating a lava lake that Surtur named Arnergal. It was named after one of his favorite guard maidens. The rift feeding Arnergal remains open to this day, and is the reason for all the lava in the area and powers the volcanoes of Borngring. When the null mine exploded, Arcana's arm became a font of arcane energy.

In 1850 HE, the Mîmêk built the settlement Lordak Kadrin on a lava stone plateau overlooking this fiery lake. It is believed they were drawn to this area by Arnergal's magical emanations. After several decades, the people of Lordak Kadrin abandoned Tarâk, making Arcana their patron deity.

In the Second Epoch, banished from the Khazarkar Empire, the Eldritch Conclave came to this area and took claim of the ruin Lordak Kadrin. They renamed the place Malardân. Arcanists that have visited Malardân say that magic is in the air and gets stronger as you get near Arnergal's center. They say their arcane pools replenish 20% faster and that it is much easier to craft magical items.

Arnergal is very dangerous to travel with the heat and smoke enough to keep anything not fire resistant out. Fire trolls and salamanders plague the area along with innumerable fire and smoke mephits.

Notable Areas