Earth Giant Hill Giant

AliasHill Giant
Creation9 Brightstar 542 DE

The earth giants were created early in the Dawn Era by Hettar. They were made to serve as a labor force for the primordials and their minions. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), they held the rear areas of primordial domains and were often the cause of a lot mischief, drunken debauchery, and mayhem. As the war progressed, they began to see more action at the front. When the war ended, they like the other giants were left behind. Those on Bal-Kriav that once served as war leaders or posed a particular threat to the designs of the Covenant were sent off to prison continents like Denerra.


In 6242 DE, a civil unrest inside Etteir, led to the escape of nearly a thousand earth giants. They fled down into the subterranean passages, guided they say by Geb. Legend has it that he showed them the way to safety, single-handedly taking up the rear guard where he entombed hundreds in the rock and turned many into stone with magical pick-axes forged from the blood of the first medusa. The refugees boarded strange craft, then followed one of Geb's newly made Earth Seams. They ended up thousands of miles east in Faeglor. Sensing the ancient power of Izen'nâth, the birthplace of Geb, they established a home.

In the Demon Spawn War (8972 GE - 9493 GE), earth giants defended Izen'nâth against the demon invasion of Zuggtmoy. Those captured by this demon lord ended up suffering mutation from long exposure to deep rocks. The survivors became known as the Fomorian.

Late in the God Era, with most demons contained or in retreat, earth giant colonists left Gorejun. They crossed three seas aboard Grimsuvelth Trawlers. These great vessels followed Brucrumus's southern coastline to the bay of Veysed Vaal. They settled along the coasts, building great halls in the Gorahrigir Hills. They splintered along tribal allegiances, making little advances in civilization until the rise of the Zeymah'kein Empire (600 HE - 1600 HE).

The term hill giants came into use in the First Epoch. It was what the Tragarans of the Great Exodus (998 - 1017), those that arrived as refugees on the shores of Hells Womb and the Lands of Purity, called the earth giants they encountered. They were unlike the proud and nobles ones of Gulimbor, the great seers of the land, ancient beings that had been around since the Dawn Era. These were the true earth giants, intelligent, though chaotic, few went the dark path. The ones of lower Brucrumus were generally evil, brutish and stupid. The storm giants of Svirrurm say they are embarrassment to giant-kind, peoples corrupted by the egomaniacs of the Creation War and the Demon Spawn War.

Brucrumus's largest earth giant civilization is Oathundor. Those here are generally referred to as hill giants, meaner and more crass than those home to Izen'nâth and parts of Gulimbor. They survived the rise and fall of the Zeymah'kein, and proudly claim they are descendants of those that once served as Etteir's military police.

Racial Traits
Racial as hill giant
Energy Composition
TypeAverage %
Life Energy60%
Earth Energy10 - 15%
Entropic Energy10 - 20%
others5 - 10%