Muspelheim Undying Pyre

Undying Pyre
AliasUndying Pyre
FocusNegative Entropy, Fire, Air
Formed9 Witchrite 515 DE

Muspelheim is one of the four Elemental Ring World on the edge of Chaos. It was created on 9 Witchrite 515 DE by a primordial creationist named Storrralk.

On 30 Saunas 1628 DE of the Creation War, Muspelheim was retaken by a trio of primordial lords, Baltalas, Surtur and Kossuth. After defeating the Covenant occupiers, they began the removal of special magical wards. These were put in place by the Covenant, anti-energy defenses that kept the world from again becoming an extension of Chaos, a concentration point for entropic energy. After these were taken down, Muspelheim returned to the path of becoming a focus for entropy, and the elemental energies of Fire and Air.

In the God Era, Surtur attacked Muspelheim with his fiery legions. An unlikely ally of the Covenant, Surtur was tasked with cutting it away from the energies of Chaos, bending it towards Negative Entropy. Then ruled by his brother Baltalas, a powerful and cunning foe, Surtur's century long conflict was helped by Ares and others with the goal of making it an outpost on the doorstep of Chaos, one to watch for the stirring of the the Primordial Lords.

Many of those that worshiped Surtur in life, come to this world in death.