Muspelheim Undying Pyre

Undying Pyre
AliasUndying Pyre
FocusNegative Entropy, Fire, Air
Formed9 Witchrite 515 DE

Muspelheim is an Elemental Ring World with three Focuses. These are Negative Entropy, Fire, and Air. Forged from Chaos, the intent was for it to serve as a world of the Mortal Systems.

On 30 Saunas 1628 DE of the Creation War, it was captured by the primordial lords Baltalas, Surtur and Kossuth. It was taken from the Nawirrûs Covenant and then flooded with the energies of chaos and fire. The rifts that were causing this damage were so widespread, that rather than waste time repairing it, weave spiders separated Muspelheim from the Mortal Systems.

In the God Era, Surtur took Muspelheim by force, cutting it away from the energies of Chaos and bending it towards Law. At the time, it was being ruled by his brother Baltalas. Surtur was helped in the century long conflict by Ares and a few others which sought to bring the world over to the Nawirrûs side; rather than have it remain a bastion of Chaos and suffer the fate of such places, torn apart and returned to Chaos.

The spirits of those who worshiped Surtur in life, come to this world in death.