Talos sets Krarkauk adrift on the winds
RegionIce Cap
Built12 Kindle 8776 DE

In the Creation War, a group of primordials pulled an unthinkably large landmass to Bal-Kriav. After coming through a temporary rift, this island entered the waves of Morwuld Briin. In camps across the Ise of Angvild an army of storm giants and cloud giants prepared for war. They were under the leadership of a young primordial named Talos. The purpose of Angvild, according to Warvild's grand strategy, was for it to be a mobile base, floating across the Bal-Kriav's oceans like a great sailing ship. The island, more like the stuff of Chaos, with only traces of negative entropy in it, had the potential to do just that. Fortunatly for the Covenant, those battling the primordials in the Creation War, the island soon found itself lodged in an undersea mountain.

Talos visited Poseidon, Geb visited Poseidon, both then visited him. He was the only one with the resources to carry out undersea work that would require many thousands working for months. Poseidon refused each time, saying the resources expended to extract Angvild far outweighed the benefits of a floating island. He explained the problems of the island's size, what would happen with storms and currents, and traveling across unmapped seas, all leading to the same predicament. He would then berate them, telling them to give up on Warvild's Grand Strategy and join up with if they wanted to come out of the war on the right side.

- Sesen, merfolk court chronicler to Poseidon - "Angvild Anchor"

With Angvild moored, and the war requiring them elsewhere, Talos and Geb left with their armies. Talos and Geb put together another plan, one that would cut away part of Angvild. The center of the island had great seams of Jurungen. The plan was to use this metal, with anti-gravity properties akin to some earth motes, giving lift, they would raise a landmass that would float above the seas instead of across it. On 12 Kindle 8776 DE, a project that had been in the works for over a century came to fruition. Of interesting potential, this was back field work. When they had time, Geb and Talos would put in some sweat. Most of the time though, the work was done by an army of storm and cloud giants. They were those out on sick leave, retired soldiers, or those considered not up to the rigors of war. Talos returned to Angvild on the day his sky island separated from the land beneath it. Talos named it Krarkauk after one of his axes. Like Angvild, it was more the stuff of Chaos than the world around it. It broke free, a floating earth mote unimpeded by gravity. The cavity left behind by Krarkauk's rising into the clouds is called the Talos Cleft.

Talos planned to use his flying bastion-island against the Covenant's great fortresses ringing the rifts at Regadnîn. By the time Krarkauk was ready, the Creation War was winding down. The Covenant was pursing the last vestiges of primordial influence across the realms. Some of the primordials managed to elude their pursuers, but not Talos. He was captured and banished from Bal-Kriav for a millennia. Before being captured, his last act of defiance was setting Krarkauk adrift on the winds. The army of storm and cloud giants on this island traveled across many lands, some leaving the floating island and establishing settlements on the lands they passed. In the Lith-Crillion Era, Krarkauk became locked in place over the eastern tracts of Ice Cap. Sages claim that the great magic that once gave locomotion to Krarkauk was slowly consumed by COA 411; Bal-Kriav's Cube of Arcane.

Legend has it that Krarkauk was the name of Talos's great axe. This artifact was destroyed while he was cutting away part of Angvild. Geb is said to have said to Talos, "Perhaps now you will let me handle my element."

In the Horgon Era, the giants of Krarkauk came to be ruled by a Storm Duke of the Aslauthroan empire. Frilksif, the only city of Krarkauk, became the governor's capital overseeing the lands of eastern Ice Cap. When Aslauthroa fell, Frilksif returned to being an independent city-state.

Krarkauk is so large that rain, snow and sunlight never reach some areas beneath it. It is roughly 60 miles long and 40 miles wide. As a result of blocking sunlight and snow, the area beneath Krarkauk has become a desolate area. This dry valley is called Gunmar.

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  • Godnaeulf
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