Talos sets Krarkauk adrift on the winds
RegionIce Cap
Built12 Kindle 8776 DE
Area2,500 sq miles
Zone MapMidrêth

In the Dawn War, a group of primordials pulled an unthinkably large landmass into this realm from Chaos. It came to rest in the waters of Morwuld Briin, and becoming known as the isle of Angvild. When the rock settled in Bal-Kriav, it carried an army of storm giants and cloud giants under the leadership of a young primordial named Talos.

Two primordials, Geb and Talos, then went to work shearing off part of this island and turning it into a floating military base. Talos planned to use this flying bastion-island against the mighty fortresses of the angels. The angels ringed the enemy's rifts at Regadnîn with fortresses, fighting to keep them bottled up. Talos and Geb worked for almost two centuries separating a fortified area from Angvild. By the time they were done with their work, the Dawn War was winding down. The gods and their angels were pursing the last vestiges of primordial influence on this realm and others. Some of the primordials managed to elude their pursuers, but not Talos. He was captured and banished from Bal-Kriav for a millennia. Before he was captured, he raised his and Geb's creation, a floating island he named Krarkauk, and then set it adrift on the winds. It still held a horde of storm and cloud giants, which would become the bearers of future generations of Bal-Kriav's storm and cloud giants. Krarkauk drifted north for several months until it became locked in place over the eastern tracts of Ice Cap. Sages claim that the great magic that gave locomotion to Krarkauk was probably drained off by the Cube of Arcane and that Krarkauk did not fall from the clouds because of the great quantities of jurungen inside it. The giant's histories say that it did not fall because it was blessed by Talos.

Legend has it that Krarkauk was the name of Talos's great axe. This artifact was destroyed while he was cutting away part of Angvild. Geb is said to have said to Talos, "Perhaps now you will let me handle my element."

In the Horgon Era, the giants of Krarkauk came to be ruled by a Storm Duke of the Aslauthroan empire. Frilksif, the only city of Krarkauk, became the governor's capital overseeing the lands of eastern Ice Cap. When Aslauthroa fell, Frilksif returned to being an independent city-state.

Krarkauk is so large that rain, snow and sunlight never reach some areas beneath it. It is roughly 60 miles long and 40 miles wide. As a result of blocking sunlight and snow, the area beneath Krarkauk has become a desolate area. This dry valley is called Gunmar.

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  • Frilksif
  • Godnaeulf
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