Earth Elemental

Earth Elemental
Typeelemental sub-race
Creation21 Lunar 466 DE
LanguagePrimordial, Terran
NativeBal-Kriav, Granitoid, others

Earth elementals are one of the four base elementals. Their preferred language is Terran, a language of sounds produced by their stony makeup - clicks, thumps, snaps, low vibrations that only their kind and a few others can sense.

Shaped by a primordial creationist named Storralk, the first earth elemental was made in a Entropic Pond. In the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE), their numbers were increased on a massive scale.

Made quickly and said without care, workers and soldiers to feed the primordial war machine, they are rougher-looking than the other elementals. Storralk advanced upon the earth elemental with the creation of the Earth Archons, the Dao and other Earthen types.

As earth elementals age, they become more adept at shaping their body. Some can liquefy themselves to be like a rivulet of mud or turn into sand to flow through cracks. They can all move through earth and rock for a limited time. When this time is up, they become part of the rock around them until they have recharged their earth energy. Earth elementals are very good at working with stone, sensing the integrity of earth and stone, and can sense vibrations.

The elemental takes in her mirth. He loves her laugh; perhaps it's a faerie thing, but whatever it is, her laugh is tickling to a body designed to pick up sound waves.

- from the Godspawn Saga

Racial Traits
Racial as earth elemental
Energy Composition
Earth Energy75%
Entropic Energy5%
Life Energy5%