CategoryHigher Powers
PowerSentient Creationist
WorldVu Kes
RaceGreen Dragon
Alignmentlawful evil
BirthplaceGreat Forges
Born3 War March 241 DE
Died11 Witchrite 4566 DE

Caesinsjach, the first green dragon, was the second child and first son of Bruh Kreniik. Only fifty years after his birth, Bruh Kreniik gave him the powers of a Sentient Creationist. He was tasked with helping with the works of Creation, girding the worlds for the coming storm; the Creation War (1486 DE - 8777 DE).

Caesinsjach grew to have a superiority complex, viewing non-dragons as the lesser species. His drift to evil was a long one. It is thought to have started on 28 Hollow 1425 DE with the creation of the Kobold race.

On 6 Brightstar 4487 DE, he created a lizard-like humanoid named Semuanya. A prototype for a new race, Semuanya would become the progenitor of the Graagvrii race.

On 11 Witchrite 4566 DE, Caesinsjach was killed defending Vu Kes.

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