Built23 War March 6607 DE

Etteir is a massive ruin the size of present-day Paradomea City. Many buildings have towering ceilings held aloft by air and earth motes. The structures were built so that very large primordials and titans could pass into them and still feel that the ceiling was lofty.

Etteir was built by the armies and workforces under Orr-Krurn and Cari'phis. In the Creation War, these two primordials battled the Nawirrûs Covenant for control of Gorejun. At the time, their were two great rifts in these regions. These were egress points for primordial forces invading Bal-Kriav from the far reaches of Chaos. The invaders built Etteir to serve as a staging area for armies attacking the Covenant bulwarks protecting western Brucrumus. Angelic bastions at Achamâz and other areas were the prime targets for the forces organizing at Etteir. After sufficient forces came through rifts from Chaos, or repositioned from other areas of Bal-Kriav, they would then embark on Grimsuvelth Trawlers or aerial bases, moving towards the next military objective of foreign shores.

There is a large medical bay at the heart of this ancient ruin. This area was used by Orr-Krurn to experiment on chaos archons, giants, and anything else he could get his hands on. One of his more successful experiments on earth led to the creation of a two-headed giant that he jokingly referred to as Etteirs. An era later, a study of the ruin was made by a Lith-Crillion historian fluent in Giant. This person changed the spelling to ettin for reasons unknown.

In 6985 DE, Etteir was attacked by the armies of Danzar-Khâl and Sathel. After three months of fighting on land in the sea, Etteir was taken by the Nawirrûs Covenant.

When the Creation War ended, Etteir came to be the home for many earth giants abandoned on Bal-Kriav by their primordial masters. In the God Era, many earth giants fled Etteir and the lands of Gorejun. Historical tomes at Thithak say the earth giants left because of the brutal tyrannical conditions brought on by a series of short-lived ettin warlords.

Although it is classified as a ruin, much of this ancient bastion is still in intact. Maintenance on the place is still carried out by earth elementals which continue to follow orders given to them in the Dawn Era.